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One of our greatest concerns is the satisfaction of our customers. In order to guarantee this, we work constantly and under high pressure on the optimisation of our products. Our FAZUA evation Remotes were designed with the aim of meeting individual customer requirements. Here we would like to give you an overview of your different options.

Choose between three different remote models and decide for yourself which one suits your needs best. Whether in the top tube, down tube or on the handlebars - with our variants you have the possibility to place your control element at the perfect place for you. All remotes are compatible, retrofittable and can be purchased and mounted through your bike dealer.

Remote b Remote fX Remote bX
Description The simple and intuitive control element on the handlebars contains all the most important functions. The remote with touch surface is fully integrated into the frame and merges with the bike. The new remote on the handlebars with sensitive touch surface in an unobtrusive, modern and clean look.
RRP (excl. VAT) 57,98 € 100 € 100 €
Availability* Available Available Available from spring 2021
Assembly At the Handlebars In the Frame At the Handlebars
Handling Buttons Touch + Button Touch + Button
Support Modi 3 3 3
Error display Yes Yes Yes
Pushing aid Yes No No
Bluetooth (BLE) Connectivity Yes (for serial numbers > 1805113000) Yes Yes
Battery on/off** Yes for serial numbers > 3932220000, for serial numbers 4211203001< SN < 421231399 and only in combination with a Battery 250 X (available from spring 2021) Yes, only in combination with a Battery 250 X (available from spring 2021)
Light on/off*** Yes Yes Yes
*For installation at a local bike dealer
**More information about how to upgrade to this functionality will come soon
***In combination with 12V Connector Box and latest Drivepack Motor Software