Remote bX

evation Module

The touch remote now on your handlebar

The Remote bX is the new model for all those who are looking to control their drive system from the handlebars. It features a low-key clean and modern look.

Just like the Remote fX, this version also includes a responsive touch interface that provides riders with an intuitive method of switching between riding modes.

The bX also allows users to disable the touch interface (Rain Mode), making the mechanical button in the middle the only way to cycle through the modes.

Five LEDs provide an indication of the battery’s charge and system status.

Riding modes: 3 *
Integrated: Bluetooth
Connectivity: Compatible with third-party devices that include a BLE interface (Bluetooth 4.0 or higher) **
Intuitive control: Responsive touch interface and mechanical button, e.g. for on/off control, Rain Mode, and bike light control***

*The modes can be customized to riders’ personal needs using the Fazua Toolbox Software 2.0. Visit for more information.
**For a list of devices, see evation Connectivity Software 2.0, Compatibility
***Possible in combination with the 12V Connector Box
Support Mode Characteristics

≡ Breeze
Gentle, constant and 100 watts* strong tailwind even at low rider power.

≡ River
Progressive and very sporty mode, for a smooth riding experience! The strength of the support precisely follows your foot and your own power. Give a lot - and get a lot from the motor (max. 210 watts*)

≡ Rocket
Aggressive assistance that helps you to tackle the steepest sections even with moderate driver power (max. 250 watts*)

*default settings