About bluetooth connections to your devices

Transmit Speed, Cadence & Power over the BLE-Standard

The evation Connectivity Software 2.0 update enables a Bluetooth®-Low-Energy (BLE) connection between the FAZUA-Remote and a compatible bicycle computer or third party device. In this article you will find exemplary help on how to display the values rider power, speed and cadence on your Garmin or Wahoo. However, there may be differences between different models and other manufacturers.

In general:

  • After updating the software, first reboot the system. Remove your drivepack from the bike and turn the battery off and on again.
  • The bike only allows one Bluetooth connection at a time. So you can either use the FAZUA Rider app OR a bike computer.
  • When paired, the device should be no more than 3 metres around the bike.
  1. Select in the menu > Sensors > Add Sensor.
  2. Select either:
    1. A sensor type > You will receive either the "Cycling Speed & Cadence Service" (CSCS) when searching for a speed/cadence sensor or the "Cycling Power Service" (CPS) when searching for a power sensor.
    2. Search all to search for all sensors close-by > Only the CSCS is found here.
  3. CAUTION: You can only connect to either CPS OR CSCS!
  4. The connection as a speed/cadence sensor, shows the speed of the bike.
  5. The connection as power sensor shows the user's cadence and rider power (in watts).
  6. Already connected sensors are not displayed during the search, even if you are looking for another profile.
  7. If you want to change the profile you are using, you must first remove the old sensor completely (disabling is not enough).
  1. Select > Add sensor in the menu and press the center button to search.
  2. The FAZUA bike will be displayed as a speed/cadence sensor. Select the sensor and press > Save
  3. ATTENTION: It is normal that no power sensors are found. However, once connected, the rider's power (in watts) is displayed along with the speed and cadence.