evation Connectivity Software 2.0 out now

Connect to your favourite bluetooth devices

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The evation Connectivity Software 2.0 update now enables a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) connection between the FAZUA Remote and any compatible bike computer or other third-party device. Integrated into the software are the standard BLE protocols Cycling Power Service (CPS) and Cycling Speed & Cadence Service (CSCS), which make it possible to display the system-generated values for the rider’s bike power (in watts), speed and cadence on the connected third-party device in real time. This means that riders can now track their training sessions and rides with greater accuracy while also viewing and analyzing the data on their preferred bike computer.

Previously, the only way to display these values was in the Rider App using Bluetooth.


A third-party device is normally compatible if it includes a BLE interface (Bluetooth 4.0 or higher). The list of connectable devices includes the following:

Garmin bike computers & wearables:

  • Edge 530 / 830 / 1030
  • fēnix 5 Plus Series / Fenix 6
  • Forerunner 945
  • MARQ

Sigma bike computers & wearables:

  • iD.TRI
  • iD.FREE

Wahoo bike computers:


Lezyne bike computers & wearables

  • Mega XL
  • Super Pro

and many more

*All bikes equipped with a Bluetooth®-enabled Remote from model year 2019 and later are compatible. This applies to all Remote b units with a serial number of 1805113000 and higher. Customers whose bikes are not yet compatible can contact a FAZUA Certified Partner to find out more about our Remote Exchange Program.

The open Bluetooth interface gives FAZUA riders the freedom to personally choose which device to use on their rides—be it their own smartphone, a navigation device, a standard BLE-enabled cycling computer with a display, or any one of the different brands of compatible wearables.

The Remote software update is the first big step towards a wide-ranging FAZUA connectivity environment.

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