Toolbox Software 2.0

Individualize riding modes with the new Customizer

Toolbox Software 2.0 META 2

In the Customizer of the Toolbox Software you can now adjust the support modes Breeze, River and Rocket individually and completely according to your needs.

You can set these parameters:

  • Max Power: controls maximum torque and power output.
  • Support Relation: defines the relationship between the rider's physical exertion and the drive's motorized assistance.
  • Ramp-Up: determines the motor's responsiveness and acceleration power.

The three ready-made settings help you to easily make the adjustments. If you want it even more customized, you have the option of making almost unlimited settings using sliders.

Toolbox Software 2.0 Customize Modes

Tip: You can always reset your modes back to the default settings.

The update will be available on from April 16, 2020.