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Can I use different charger to charge the battery?

The battery can only be recharged using the original Fazua charger

How to prepare the battery for storage during winter?

For winter storage, we recommend first charging the battery to 60%. It should then be checkedafter max. 3 months, better still after 2 months. If the charge is below 20%, recharge it to 60%

Does it damage the battery if I don’t recharge it fully?

Quite the contrary. It is optimal for the service life of a lithium-ion battery to operate it in the rangeof 30 to 80% charge. Studies by the cell manufacturer have shown that the service life of a cellincreases significantly if it is not fully charged. If a battery pack is always charged to only 80%, theservice life doubles because the high voltage range, which puts particular strain on the cellchemistry, is avoided.

When does the risk of deep discharging arise?

If the battery is used for too long when empty. It canthen often be unrepairable. THIS IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY!

Can I load my cell phone or some other device on the bike?

We are working on that.

How do I transport a second battery?

The second battery should not be carried in the water bottle cage because it could get damaged inthe event of a fall. It is best to purchase FAZUA Battery Bag or carry it in abackpack

How do I dispose of the battery?

A lithium-ion battery is a hazardous material that must be taken to a collection point for disposalor, alternatively , you can ask your trusted dealer for assistance

Can I travel with the bike / battery?

If you are traveling by car, we request that you remove the drive pack from the bike and install ourdown tube cover in its placeIf you are flying, you cannot take our battery with you on a passenger flight.There are currently two options if you want to take your Fazua bike with you on vacation:Send your own battery ahead to your destination via post and air freightContact a certified partner of Fazua at your destination and ask for a loan battery. You canfind a map of all dealers here:

Technical Specifications

How much of my input is lost?

We cannot measure it because it is too small - less than two percent

What is the Q factor?

The Q factor is the same as for conventional bikes and equals 135 mm

What crankset can I mount and what bottom bracket system is required?

We use a standard ISIS cartridge on our bottom bracket gearbox, and you can use any commerciallyavailable ISIS crankset without pre-installed chainrings.

What enclosure rating do the system and battery have?IP54How is the gearbox protected against water?

The gearbox is designed to meet the IP54 standard. It also has a lifetime lubrication that protects the internal components from moisture

How long will the bottom bracket last?

We have purposefully installed very large and durable bearings to avoid creaking bearings. Thebearings are overdimensioned 500-fold and are nothing like a conventional bottom bracket. Weexclusively use components from the automotive industry. We have currently clocked up 50000test kilometers with the series-production product on our test bench and everything is workingperfectly.

Should the bearings nevertheless fail at some time, is the entire bottom bracket then ruined?

No! The bottom bracket itself comprises five modules that we can replace relatively easily in ourworkshop. If one of the mechanical components does have a defect, there are various modules thatwe can replace.

Can I build my own custom bike using your drive?

It’s a good idea, but unfortunately not feasible.Our drive can only be installed by bicycle manufacturers because they have the necessary softwareto load important data without which the bike would not function.

Where can I test ride a bike with your drive?

Visit our eBikes section on our website. In some locations we have dedicated rental stations where you can test ride a bike, you can visit the website of the bicycle manufacturer and use their dealer searchfunction